The Oppo F19 Pro – An Unbiased Review

Oppo F19 Pro is the new kid in the Oppo cellular phones . oppo f19 pro club. This phone has received widespread critical acclaim for its impressive features and looks. Oppo has spent considerable time and money to perfect the device so that it is very different from other cell phones. There are many good reasons to buy an Oppo F19 Pro instead of any other cell phone.

For one thing, you cannot compare the size of this smartphone to others. At first sight, the Oppo F19 Pro looks just like a bigger version of an ordinary smartphone. It has a display of about 5.5 inches and looks like a regular iPhone but with better aesthetics. The camera of this smartphone is also quite advanced.

The Oppo F19 Pro has a large LCD screen that gives a clear picture even if you are sitting in a crowded bus or a coffeehouse. The camera has a very large pixels and therefore is capable of high quality images. On the other hand, it has a long battery life. At the end of the day, you can expect between five and eight hours of usage on a single charge of the Oppo F19 Pro.

Another good reason to buy Oppo F19 Pro is the superior build quality of this smartphone. The Oppo F19 Pro is made using high quality materials like rubber and silicone. It has a rugged body and is not too big. It also has an all-metal unibody design which makes it scratch resistant unlike many other mobiles.

The Oppo F19 Pro comes with a large battery. It offers you about two and a half hours of talk time on a single charge. This large battery enables you to use it comfortably even when you are using other apps and using heavy applications like games. The battery life of this handset is great in comparison to others on the Android market. You can expect about two to three hours of browsing time on this large screen and about six to eight hours of video viewing on high definition.

The Oppo F19 Pro has a four megapixel rear camera as well as a one-megapixel front camera. The camera is equipped with a professional mode which allows you to shoot in different modes like single shot, slow motion, normal, and high definition. There is also a video recording feature in this smartphone which is pretty good. The battery life of this device is great especially for a smartphone. If you are planning to buy this smartphone then you must check out this amazing review of the Oppo F19 Pro.